by Joem Nathaniel S. Suazo (Grade School level)

In line with the school’s thrust to make her students proficient in the English language, San Pablo Colleges has this program called SPCian Idol which encourages everyone to communicate with one another in English.
The acronym IDOL means a SPCian should be an INTERESTING individual who is carrying oneself with confidence, cleverness and self-esteem, DELIVERING a conversation with ease, clarity and profundity, OUTGROWING the rest with impressive attitude, personality and character, LINKING indiscriminately with the world due to fluency and proficiency in speaking the English language.
The first plan was to have the formal launching last September 29, 2008, but due to the demise of the school’s President-Emeritus, Atty Vencedor A. Alimario, Dr. Eduardo O. Dizon, Dean of the College of Arts and Sciences of San Pablo Colleges and Chair of the project decided to move it to October 6, 2008. The launching was a simultaneous presentation in three levels of instruction – Grade School, High School and College.
The activity was done successfully. The school administrators hope that their efforts to make SPCians proficient not only in Filipino but in English as well will be fully realized via the SPCian IDOL, with the battlecry…”Dare to be Different!”