Comedian and radio talk show host Adam Carolla may be funny, smart and I guess endearing to a certain group of people... you know sexists, shock comedians, atheists, college frat boys and 5 dollar hookers and whoever else.

You can't deny that the guy is somewhat popular and effective. His act as a douche bag actually used to sell. He did after all at one point have his own radio talk show which was cancelled by CBS and used to star with Jimmy Kimmel on "The Man Show" and is a writer for Jimmy Kimmel Live. The guy heads a company called Jack Hole Productions and produced a show called "Crank Yankers" where they had comedians crank call people and animate it through puppets. Real revolutionary stuff- syke! He's got some money and has made somewhat a name for himself in Hollywood.
That however doesn't excuse him for his ignorant and hateful comments against the Philippines.

Carolla started his tirade after a caller brought up the whole drug testing issue that led to the falling out of Pacquiao's mega-fight with Floyd Mayweather Jr.
Carolla ridiculed Pacquiao's stance of not relenting to Mayweather's baseless blood drawing scheme which required him to be randomly blood tested at any point prior to their fight. Pacquiao agreed to get his blood drawn 24 days before the fight and immediately right after, but not the day before or closer than 24 days to the fight itself because he claims it weakens him and disrupts his training. Being the smaller guy, Pacquiao also thinks this is just a ploy by the naturally bigger Mayweather to gain an advantage against him. Carolla blasted Pacquiao and said,
"Because he's from the Philippines, because he's praying to chicken bones, you got to respect him for his belief system? No you don't! He's a fuc*in idiot!"
"Here's when you know your country don't have a lot going for it. When it's all about Manny Pacquiao."

"What if Ray 'Boom-Boom' Mancini fights in the Philippines and that's what all the United States was about? .. the United States would close down when he fights. He'd come back here. He'd run for president and everything would be Ray Boom-Boom Mancini mania. . Get a fuc*in life as a country!”

“All you fu**in got is just an illiterate guy who happens to smash other guys in the head better than other people?!”

“Really, you want some guy with brain damage running your country? Why don’t you get your sh*t together?”

“All they have over there is Manny Pacquiao and sex tours.”
“What happens when Floyd Mayweather beats him? Does your country go into depression?” "It's okay to be proud of your countryman but that's it? That's all you got?"
"Jesus Christ! It really p!$$ses me off when other countries do that whole thing. There's one guy. He's 5 foot 6. He's a 147 pounds and he's good at punching other guys in the head and you're going to build your entire country around this guy?
“What happens when Floyd Mayweather beats him? Does your country go into depression? Jesus! You know you got nothing going."

What Carolla said is nothing new. Ignorance and hate exists. I've lived in the United States for a decade now in cities like Las Vegas, San Francisco, Chicago, Palm Springs and Indianapolis and have seen the vast array of ignorance and hatred come in different forms and shapes. Call it superiority complex. Call it ignorance. Or call it what it is- "flat out stupid".

A comedian's job at times is to push the envelope and I'm all for a good laugh. The problem with Carolla's remarks is that it wasn't even funny nor did it come off as a joke. The guy was blatantly airing out his hate and dislike over a race with idiotic and ignorant blabber.

Maybe Carolla will get run over by a dump truck one of these days and he'd have to go through physical therapy and be confined in a hospital and maybe then he'd realize that there's more to the Philippines than Pacquiao and sex stores. What would happen to America if it weren't for the Filipino doctors, nurses and physical therapists that represent a huge population of it's health care system.
Perhaps Carolla is a die-hard Steve Perry fan and hates the fact that the band is enjoying renewed success after they tapped a Filipino in Arnel Pineda to be their lead guy.

Maybe it's that whole "oh they're taking our jobs thing" Carolla is worried about because if a tiny Filipino can take over a sport that used to be ruled by ring giants like Mike Tyson and Muhammad Ali, then a Fil-Am comedian like Jo Koy might take his job too. His radio show after all was cancelled by CBS and you don't ever see his mug on TV anymore except for re-runs of that time he was riding Jimmy Kimmel's popularity.
And if the guy really wants to ridicule the Philippines because Pacquiao is running for congress, all I can say is that it comes with democracy. If the Terminator is now The Governator, I mean, governor of the state Carolla himself resides in, why can't Pacquiao be a congressman in a province back in the Philippines? O yeah, didn't Pacquiao lose the first time he ran for a political seat a couple of years back? If the Philippines was all about Pacquiao, how did that happen? Allow me to share a word in the Tagalog dictionary that describes Carolla's bold rants: "KATANGAHAN". In English, Google it.

What Carolla's statements prove is that there are simply a lot of idiots in the world who are not ashamed to air their idiotic views about life and against other races in public. I'm not really all that worried about it nor will I allow myself to be offended and dragged down by a clown. Ignorance exists at all levels.
An apology to the Filipino people in my opinion is not needed. It's like asking for a dog to apologize to you if he poops on the ground. The guy is ignorant. What can you expect?

Also, the guy is on PODcast now after getting sacked by CBS. Its known in the internet world that Pacquiao is one of the most popular figures in the world and generates a ton of web hits and attention- something Carolla's struggling career desperately needs.

Besides, Filipinos are fun-loving, positive people. This is offensive stuff indeed, but just ask foreigners who have experienced Filipino Hospitality and they'll attest to the kindness and good hearted nature Filipinos possess. As they say, sticks and stones-- on top of poverty, natural disasters and all other kinds of struggles-- might break our bones (not our will), but words from a loser will never hurt us.
Adam Carolla simply gave a name and a face to the idiocies that do exist in America. What KKK was to African-Americans is now embodied by one man to Filipinos. And it's quite comical that people keep writing me and spelling his name Corolla. I don't know if it's because nobody really knew this guy before this rant of his or whether it's because we Filipinos just love our Toyotas that much (now that's a joke, you can laugh now).