Famous US TV show and Jollibee!!!

A famous fast food Restaurant in the Philippines has showed up in the popular television show Glee. The famous fast food Restaurant is Jollibee, it appeared in the background cameo of the series Glee. When the background feature Jollibee, the Pinoy community was left staggered seeing a Pinoy icon in a famous U.S series. Pinoy who watched Glee noticed the icon that is a symbol of Pinoy pop culture: Jollibee fastfood restaurant.

Though it was only a brief appearance, it caused a worldwide shock to the Pinoy Community all over the world, its just shows how Pinoy people well support one another even in little things such as this. Jollibee appeared after the Glee episode Tuesday at 9 pm. The place where Glee series was shooting was in Eagle Rock Mall in Los Angeles, California which happens to be a large Filipino community abroad. Really the Pinoy Community saying “ Mahalin ang Sariling Atin” Love our own.

SOURCE: http://www.worldbuzznow.com/glee-tv-series-features-jolibee/10137