Wow, ang sabi sa Philstar muntik na palang mailagay ang Malacanang sa San Pablo, naku e di sana wala ng gulo sa Mendiola at rally parati, kasi dito na sa Sampaloc Lake iikot ang mga Taong Bayan...

... Tapos wala ng EDSA peoples power kasi meron ng Schetelig People Power. hehehe
-Mang Pandoy

....What most people don’t know was that the new Malacañang Palace may have moved even farther than Quezon City. In the preparations for the 1949 plan for the Capital at Quezon City, the government actually looked at locating the capital elsewhere. A committee was formed to look at 16 other options to Novaliches.
These included, among others: Tagaytay, Cebu, Davao, San Pablo, Baguio, Los Baños, Montalban, Antipolo, and Fort Mckinley (Fort Bonifacio).

The committee even considered moving the capital to the geographical center of the country. This was in the Visayas, very close to a small island now known worldwide — Boracay! Our president could have welcomed foreign dignitaries on a long beach. People’s Power would have been a beach party!
All this never happened and the palace stayed by the Pasig from Roxas’ term to the Marcos’ regime. Early into the martial law years, before the parliamentary moved to Novaliches, the strongman of Asia decided to bring back the capital to Manila. Quezon City lost the title to the Greater Manila Area (GMA).