San Pablo City aims for 'Zero Waste City' status

The City Solid Waste Management Office has intensified its campaign to attain its target for a Zero Waste City in compliance with the directive from San Pablo City Mayor Vicente B. Amante, Ph.D.

The City Mayor believes that in maintaining cleanliness in the city, more tourists will come and contribute in achieving development.

Next in can is the full implementation of city ordinances prohibiting the use of plastic bags and Styrofoam specifically in stores, food chains, restaurants and corresponding penalties for violations.

The City Solid Waste Management Office (CSWMO), meanwhile, announced that 45 out of the 80 barangays or 56 percent of all the barangays in the City of San Pablo benefits from the collection system they are implementing.

According to Engr. Ruelito J. Dequito, CSWMO Officer, although only 56 percent have been covered by the collection system, it does not mean that there are no garbage collections in the remaining 44 percent or 35 barangays. Most of the barangays has its own truck for garbage collection.

Engr. Dequito also reiterated the schedule of garbage collection in some rural and urban areas. The collection of biodegradable during Sunday, Monday, Wednesday, and Friday while the collection of non-biodegradable during Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday. (PIA Calabarzon)