Magnanakaw na Sumasayaw!!!

Police in Manila have warned about a gang of thieves who regularly distract their victims by dancing in front of them.

The man and woman, dubbed the ‘dancing bandits’ in newspaper reports, target people on the streets of Manila. One dances in front of the victim while the other snatches their valuables.

Their most recent target, 52-year-old Ligaya Castillo, a resident of San Pablo City, was visiting Manila on Tuesday. She had turned down a side street in down town Manila’s Santa Cruz district, at midday, when a man and a woman appeared from nowhere and began dancing in front of her as if they were giving an impromptu street performance.

Suddenly the female performer, identified as Candy Enriquez, 24, reached out for the woman’s earrings.
Shocked but still with her wits still about her, the victim shouted for help. Several bystanders came to her rescue and grabbed Enriquez while her male accomplice fled. The woman has since been arrested on charges of theft.