PNP-community partnership, key to lower rate of criminality

Based on the report of the Philippine National Police (PNP) San Pablo City, there has been a significant increase in crime incidences for the period January - June 2010 specifically on crimes against property and carnapping. Poverty and unemployment in the city may have caused the problem.

PNP San Pablo City Deputy Chief Anthony Gantang said, the station is prepared to counter the significant increase with their anti-criminality plan- more vigilant and visible police force and an enhanced partnership with the community.

This plan can be implemented through posting of checkpoint, police visibility and support from the Barangay Peacekeeping Action Teams (BPATS) and other force multipliers.

Police Supt. Ferdinand De Castro has recommended the following actions to control crimes that include activation of Special Weapons and Tactics Team (SWAT) for a fast response to hostage-taking situation,
bank robbery, robbery-holdup and other high profile crimes; assigning of additional personnel to crime-prone areas; putting up of Police Community Precincts in Cluster Barangays, Kalinga Center for child offender; strengthening of coordination with all the barangays; campaign against loose firearms and training programs among investigation officers.
De Castro added that the on-going anti-crime programs in the city are sectoring of mobile patrol cars; police visibility in public places; random checkpoints/chokepoints and Oplan Sita; barangay visitation and dialogue; vital establishment visitations; surprise inspection of bars and cockpit arena and coordination with San Pablo City Force Multipliers Association. (cio-spc/pia-laguna)