Expert: Invest 6/55 Grand Lotto jackpot in time deposit

What would you do if you won the biggest lottery jackpot to date in Philippine history?

For sure, first on the list would be to yell, jump up and down, and hug whoever is nearest to you.

But when the euphoria subsides, and you realize you can no longer hide all those cash under your pillow, what now?

The Grand Lotto 6/55 pot may reach P600 million on Wednesday, and tickets are selling like hotcakes in outlets nationwide.

Financial expert John Ting says don't be too anxious to get your hands on all that dough and spend it if you won.

His suggestion: invest it.

You can divide your winnings into asset classes to spread your risk.

For example, Ting says you can put P200 million in a time deposit, which at an average interest rate of 3% per annum, can already earn P4 million to P6 million, or in other words, a living.

The other P400 million, you can put in high-yielding stocks, safe-haven bonds, or real estate.

Investing in income-generating assets is the best way to gain financial muscle so you can fulfill your other dreams -- quit your job, build your own business, buy properties or travel around the world.

Remember, there have been countless of lottery winners who saw their money go to waste.

Don't be like them. Don't stop at winning the lottery. Invest your money and make it last.