NFA ready to buy palay from local farmers

In order to build up the province's rice buffer stock and serve the greater number of farmers in the province, National Food Authority (NFA-Laguna) under Provincial Manager Ramoncito H. Padilla, is prioritizing its palay procurement activities by encouraging local farmers to sell their rice produce at the following designated buying stations in Laguna: GID Warehouse I & II, San Pablo City; Villmill Warehouse and Victoria Warehouse, Calauan; and Amante Warehouse in Alaminos.

PM Padilla clarified that farmers are free to choose the "buying stations" they want to sell their palay to based on the proximity of their places to such stations. According to him, the government is really bent on helping farmers and is doing everything for their welfare. For this, he said, NFA's buying price is P17.00/kilo of rice with moisture content of not more than 14% and cleanliness of Class A and grants additional incentives to lessen the burden of farmers' expenditures from planting to harvest seasons.

"Agriculture, run by efficient farmers, is one of the pillars of a strong economy," Padilla said adding that cooperation and support of farmers to government's programs and vice-versa is of great importance. (NFA-Laguna/PIA-Laguna)