Tilapia fingerlings dispersed in Laguna Lake

Taguig City Mayor Ma. Laarni “Lani” Cayetano led last week the dispersal of some 60,000 tilapia fingerlings into the sanctuary area of the Laguna Lake in the observance of the local government’s quarterly lake seeding program.

At the same time, the mayor called for the preservation of the lake’s sanctuary area as she warned that penalties await anyone who will be caught fishing illegally at the lake.

“The lake’s sanctuary area should be preserved to ensure the full growth of the fingerlings and eventually realize the maximum potential of the lake as a vital source of food for those who rely on it,” Cayetano said.

In her first lake seeding last Oct. 20, Cayetano dispersed some 20,000 carp fingerlings at the sanctuary spot. The followup seeding, which occurred last Nov. 18, brought the number of freed fingerlings to 80,000.

The 28-year-old mayor said she has directed the Lake and River Management Office (LRMO) to impose strict measures that will prevent illegal fishing within the “no fishing” zone.

The area beyond the 200 meters from the shoreline has been declared as a Lakeshore Reserve Area where fishing is prohibited. This will ensure that fingerlings will reach their maximum size in the next five to six months.

“We will not hesitate to impose these penalties on violators if we caught them,” said the local chief executive.

Emelita Solis, City Agricultural Officer (CAO), explained that fishermen are strongly prohibited from using nets with fine mesh. “They are allowed to use nets with holes up to the size of five centimeters. Anyone who will use nets with smaller holes will be apprehended," she said.

The first offense is punishable by a fine of P1,000, with the confiscation and destruction of fishing gears.

SOURCE: http://www.mb.com.ph/articles/288922/tilapia-fingerlings-dispersed-laguna-lake