Filipina is crowned 1st ever Bride of the World Pageant

Luisa bested more than 40 delegates from around the world to win the unique title.
The runner-ups of the competition came from Bolivia, Ukraine, Russia, and Peru.
The semi-finalists were from Sri Lanka, Nigeria, Denmark, Korea, Germany, Moldova, Estonia, Lithuania, Malta and Romania.

During the question and answer portion, candidates from Latin speaking countries had a difficult time in expressing themselves because there was no Spanish interpreter around. It was Bruno Kettels, Mister International 2009 from Bolivia, who tried to help as an interpreter for the Spanish speaking candidates, however, he also had difficulty understanding the questions in English, or properly translate their answers.
Miss Philippines, the only finalist who spoke English, eventually became the winner.

It was pointed out that Luisa did not win only because of the her interview. Her beauty and elegance impressed everyone throughout the competition.

Around 40 brides from around the world competed in national costumes, sportswear, wedding gowns and interview in the first ever Bride of the World pageant.