Got ideas on saving Laguna lake? Let dev’t agency know

The Laguna Lake Development Authority (LLDA) has begun public consultations on a new master plan for Laguna de Baí, the primary goal of which is the protection and prolonging of the life of the largest inland fresh water lake in the country.

LLDA General Manager Rodrigo Cabrera said on Saturday all the stakeholders—including fishermen, factories, the business and local government sectors—were invited to take part in the consultation.

“We invite the participation of the stakeholders in making the master plan a powerful tool for the long-term future of the Laguna lake region,” said Cabrera in a press statement following a meeting with the Federation of River Basin Council in Caluan, Laguna, on Tuesday.

Laguna lake is a multi-use resource for transportation, food and recreation. To date, aquaculture or fishery dominates its use. The boat transportation industry brings people in and out of Metro Manila. Agriculture depends on lake water for irrigation, while power plants use it to cool their turbines.

Maynilad Water Services started sourcing potable water from the lake in July last year. Manila Water is reportedly following suit.

Cabrera said the LLDA welcomed the suggestions of Laguna Gov. ER Ejercito and local mayors who came out with a full page ad in several newspapers last week.

Over the years Laguna lake had rapidly deteriorated due to deforestation, unabated land conversion and abuse of the lake water resources.

The lake has the potential to generate livelihood opportunities in the areas of agriculture, food, transportation, tourism and water supply, among others.

Cabrera informed the governor that all of the concerns would be addressed in the master plan which would cover such issues as the watershed, rivers, lake water quality, shore land development and illegal settlements.