NFA-Laguna office, undergoes facelift

Employees of the National Food Authority (NFA) Laguna Branch Office were given a better working surrounding due to the timely renovation of its building which started on December 4, 2010.

NFA Provincial Manager Ramoncito H. Padilla used all resources to seek support to secure the approval for the renovation. Prior to this, the perimeter fence heightening was completed in September 2010.

Padilla stresses the importance of improving the working environment of the workers, believing they wield greater and better productivity and work outputs redounding to the general interests of the agency.

“In the past, stakeholders and clientele who frequented the office could only sigh over the half-orderly and comfort-void office,” he said. (Anabelle Oncinian, NFA-Laguna/Alan C. Ortillano, PIA-Laguna)