USI, the foremost public affairs program of TV5, hosted by Paolo Bediones, featured world-class theme park Enchanted Kingdom, with the very apt theme, ‘Perya,’ zooming in the camera lenses on moving carnivals and places of fun and excitement.

According to Bediones and the production crew, they were surprised that most of moving carnivals do not keep safety engineers. But they were heartened by their experience at Enchanted Kingdom because the theme park maintains its own safety

engineers who conduct monitoring inspection of the rides on a daily basis. Thus, they featured Enchanted Kingdom as one of the very few entertainment sites that have rides which are truly safe and protected, guaranteeing not only magical memories, but also a
very comfortable and secure experience.

TV 5 highlighted the fact that all of the rides at Enchanted Kingdom are 100% safe and protected, in line with the standards of the International Association of Amusement Parks and Attractions (IAAPA), which Enchanted Kingdom is a proud member of. Mr.
Mario O. Mamon, Chairman and President of Enchanted Kingdom, also happens to be the third vice chair of IAAPA.

During their visit to Enchanted Kingdom, Paolo Bediones together with the staff and crew of TV 5, truly enjoyed the exhilarating and breath-taking rides in the park such as Anchors Away and EKstreme among many others. They did not only take pleasure in every minute of their stay at the park but they came home with the assurance that they will always be safe and sound while inside Enchanted Kingdom!

Usi is a combination of reality TV and investigative journalism, among the best shows of TV 5, attracting over eight hundred thousand viewers each week. Recently, they marked a milestone in their production after taking home the KBP Golden Dove award for their outstanding achievements as a public affairs program.

SOURCE: http://new.enchantedkingdom.ph/entertainmentsite.html