Pinoys attempt to break 'freeze event' in San Pablo City

For a few minutes, the usually busy and noisy shopping mall in San Pablo City became quiet when people stopped whatever they were doing and 'froze' on the spot.

Two hundred and fifty students of Col. Lauro D. Dizon Memorial National High School joined the freeze act that ran for 2 minutes and 40 seconds.

The students took various poses during the freeze act.

The freeze event was staged to beat the record-setting event that happened at the biggest train station in the world, the Grand Central in New York, in 2008. In that event organized by prank collective Improv Everywhere, 207 people froze for 5 minutes.

"We're proud to be Filipino so we launched this event para at least may laban tayo sa ibang countries sa freeze event," said Michael del Carmen, the organizer of the San Pablo freeze act, which is the first such kind held in the country.

"Hindi pa siya nagagawa dito... It’s a lot easier kasi wala ng choreographer. It’s fun and entertaining as well," added del Carmen.

Some passersby looked bewildered at the "frozen" students while others found the unique "gimmick", dubbed the ultimate freeze event, fun.