San Pablo City Hall Circa 1940

An old photo of San Pablo City Hall can be found on the web, circa 1940. Since then a lot of changes occured during the post war era until today.

For those who visited the Lake for the past 20 years we could see facet of changes near the building but the stone structure continue to dominate the elegance of the bygone era.

It was an elusive dream to convert the Historical site to a prominent tourist attraction here in Laguna.   With the reopening of the "Kapitolyo" to the public this coming July 29 2011, the brilliance of the old "Kapitolyo" will be acknowledged by the current generation.  And soon - our old artifacts, historical documents, priceless arts and relics will be a part of the Museo ng San Pablo, making our old "Kapitolyo" the epitome of San Pablo's Pride and History.