The Barangay ni Jose Association, Inc. (BJAI) is launching a festival celebrating the arts, aptly called “7 Lawa, 7Sining” (read as “pitong lawa, pitong sining”) this coming October 27 to 30, 2011.

San Pablo’s famed 7 lakes will be the main theme of the festival and shall be inter-related with the 7 branches of arts. Watch and witness competing schools and other groups as they vie for the ‘ultimate’ prize at stake in the Dance, Drama and Choral competition categories.

BJAI wishes to create awareness and appreciation for the natural gifts that Mother Earth has given us and likewise to help us preserve the seven lakes of San Pablo.

Come and watch award winning independent films directed by some of the finest directors in our country.

View exhibits of photos and works of arts as BJAI brings the works of young artists of San Pablo City. On-the-spot painting and other media will be held to discover new talents and creations.

Take part of seminars and symposia on the arts conducted and moderated by well-known artists in their own field of art discipline.

All these and more will happen at the Ultimart Shopping Mall, the premier shopping center of San Pablo City. Brought to you by Barangay ni Jose Association, Inc.

Come and celebrate life and arts!

About BJAI

Barangay ni Jose Association, Inc.

It all started with one man’s vision of establishing a haven for artists.

In the 1980’s, Jose P. Viana, better known as “Sonny,” bought a piece of property in barrio Sta. Cruz, San Pablo City in Laguna. Situated at the foot of Mount Cristobal, the obscure barrio (also called ‘barrio Putol’) lies almost at the boundary of the famous Dolores of Quezon Province.

Sonny built a modest quarter as a weekend and summer get-away for himself and close friends. Eventually, ‘Putol’ became not only as a hide-away for Sonny but made his permanent address there. Through the years, improvements and more durable structures were built to accommodate an ever increasing influx of friends and guests visiting the place. After more than 20 years, what used to be an idle land is now a sanctuary built by Sonny Viana who unselfishly bequeathed it to the Barangay ni Jose Association, Inc.

The Barangay ni Jose Association, Inc. (BJAI) was established for the sole purpose of providing a better future for its members in their advanced years. Comprised of mostly professionals in their forties and above, its members are involved in the field of arts and various discipline of entertainment and other forms of businesses. Reason to have BJAI members think and plan for their imminent old age was to answer the call and need to have a quality life without having to be a burden to their respective families and to the society. Living as a community, the Association shall provide the needed daily and medical requirements as well as spiritual needs of its members.

Although, BJAI has mapped out a more viable future for its present members, the association is not only a self serving group. It has outlined projects that will service the constituents of Sta. Cruz and its neighboring barangays. It will tap local resources and products that can be marketed throughout the whole nation and the world. A program to help the young attain an improved life by providing better education and hands-on training through scholarships and aides edification. BJAI will promote appreciation and preservation of our culture and likewise help the local talent to develop the edge to be competitive internationally. Preservation of our heritage and nurturing love for what is artistic and creative.

BJAI is unique in its conception. BJAI is distinctive in its very essence. BJAI aims high in its mere existence.