Filipino Hackers VS Chinese Hackers

MANILA, Philippines - Its Cyber War between Philippines and China. Responding to the defacement of the University of the Philippines (UP) website on Friday, a group of Philippine-based hackers has defaced a Chinese university website on Saturday as tension between China and the Philippines continue to escalate.

Breaking into one of the sub-websites of the Chinese University Media Union (UMU), the group Anonymous #OccupyPhilippines replaced the main page with a defaced website that declared “Scarborough Shoal is ours!” as loud, screaming music played in the background.

Other segments of the website were also inaccessible as of posting time. Other Chinese web properties that were broken into include the websites of China Youth Online, P. Loft Youth Hostel and a Chinese government website, among others. “STFU. Chinese government is clearly retarded,” a note on the China UMU page said, just above the ASCII image rendition of the popular Guy Fawkes mask, which has been used as a symbol by international hacking group Anonymous.

The group has been involved in similar attacks before, including Distributed Denial-of-Service (DDOS) attacks leveled against the websites of the Philippine National Police and the National Bureau of Investigation following protests against the Stop Online Piracy Act (SOPA) bill in the US in January.

DDoS is a form of cyber attack used by hacking groups to take down particular websites, which involves overwhelming the website’s server by executing external commands from a number of terminals, subsequently crippling the server indefinitely.

On early Friday morning, the UP website featured a photo depicting China’s territorial claim of the Spratly Islands, particularly the Scarborough Shoal (or Huangyan Island), which has been the subject of a recent standoff between Chinese and Philippine naval forces. “We come from China! Huangyan Island is Ours!” a caption below the photo of the defacement said.

Officials from the two countries have yet to issue a statement about the defacements as the Philippines prepares to bring closure to the standoff by bringing it to international court.

Source: Interaksyon